Frequently Asked Questions

Before you take the step to call us for a repair, Try these remedies for common issues first.

  • Has your filter clean/been changed lately? Dirty filters can have a profound negative effect on your heating and cooling system. Change your filter and allow your furnace to sit idle for an hour or so before retrying your heating or cooling.
  • Have you checked the batteries in your thermostat?
  • Is the thermostat set to heat/cool?
  • If you set your thermostat to fan on does the fan run? (if not and the above mentioned items have been checked, try the switch on your furnace and make sure there is power
  • Did your furnace power switch get turned off?
  • Try turning off the power switch to the furnace and turning it back on again this will reset the control board.

What is a diagnostic charge and why do I have to pay before you have even fixed anything?

Our Diagnostic fee covers the technicians dispatch, driving time and the time required to accurately diagnose the failure.

I diagnosed it myself do I still have to pay a diagnostic fee?.

The simple answer is yes. We still have to dispatch our technicians to your location and in most instances a diagnostic is required anyway as we have to be reasonably assured that the repair we recommend is going to result in the problem being fixed correctly.

What is straight forward pricing?

Straight forward pricing is how we charge for our repairs. After the technician has completed the diagnostic they will recommend a repair. Repairs fall into different level categories with a pre-determined cost for the parts and labour upfront. This means that there is no chance that you will be charged more than you were quoted for your service call.

When do I pay?

All invoices are due upon receipt. We except many forms of payment for your convenience-Visa, Mastercard, debit, cash or cheque. Our commercial clients will receive payment terms of 30 days as a professional courtesy.

I was given a 1 hour window for arrival, Why?

Due to the nature of our business it is not always possible to give an exact time of arrival. While we strive to be as accurate as possible our technicians are dealing with a variety of different scenarios throughout the day and sometimes may be delayed on their previous call.

Equipment installation

How long does it take to install a furnace?

Most of our installations can be completed in a single day. Occasionally when we are doing combination air conditioner and furnaces we will need to return for a second day to install the compressor unit outside. In all situations during the winter months your furnace will take priority and will be up and running by the end of the day.

My furnace broke in January.! Will my family freeze?

In most cases your furnace will only be offline for approximately 6 hours during installation and your temperature should never dip below 60 degrees. If you are waiting for an installation date we will loan you complimentary heaters free of charge to any of our customers who may need them. (based on availability)

My new furnace moves way more air.

A common question we get is in relation to air flow with newer furnaces. Because of advances in furnace technology newer furnaces generally move more air through the ducting system than older models. It may take a little getting use to but the result is much more even heating and cooling throughout the home.

Why should I do maintenance if I have 10 years of labour?

It is true that your new unit is covered for parts and labour for 10 years. Regular maintenance is still required to protect that warranty however. Just like your car, your warranty won't cover you if there is no oil in the engine. Regular maintenance helps to keep your unit running many years after your warranty has expired. In the event that you put your house up for sale potential buyers will have the confidence that the equipment has been properly maintained.

I'm selling my house so should I change my furnace and Ac first?

There is two schools of thought on this. If you have old equipment in your house many real estate agents for the buyer would try and use this to their advantage to try and get the value of the home reduced. More often than not the value of the reduction is significantly higher than the actual cost of the equipment replacement itself. Replacing the equipment before the house goes on the market will eliminate this possibility. The other option is to wait until the negotiating stage. As a seller you have a right to get replacement quotes from local companies that can be used to counter the buyers proposal.